Paying For Fuel; Fuel Cards Vs Credit Cards

7 benefits of InterFuels fuel cards over credit cards for businesses.

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Paying For Fuel; Fuel Cards Vs Credit Cards

Managing expenses efficiently and effectively is essential for businesses, especially in today's rapidly moving society. When it comes to fuel expenses, opting for the correct payment method can significantly impact your financial performance. Here are 7 reasons why choosing InterFuels fuel cards are more effective in helping you manage your fleet’s finances in comparison to credit cards. 

1) Specialised Fleet Management: Fuel cards are specially designed to streamline business fuel-related expenses. Unlike credit cards, our fuel cards offer detailed reporting and analysis tools which can be accessed via our online management system. This tailored management allows businesses to track their fuel usage, monitor their fleet spending, and identify opportunities for more effective savings. 

2) Control and Security: Our fuel cards provide greater control and security compared to credit cards. This is because businesses can restrict purchases, such as fuel type(s), quantity, and what time(s) fuel can be bought. Additionally, some of our fuel cards utilise PINs, helping to reduce the risk of unathorised usage and potential fraud. For more information on how fuel cards can increase your fleet’s security, click here

3) Cost Savings: One of the most significant advantages of using fuel cards is the pump savings. Here at InterFuels, we work closely with major fuel suppliers and brands to offer you competitive prices so that you can benefit from fantastic savings on your fuel expenditure. To find out how much our fuel cards can save your business, submit an enquiry today.

4) Streamlined Expense Management: Fuel cards help to simplify your expense management by consolidating all fuel-related transactions into a single account. This eliminates the need for employees to use personal funds for fuel purchases and submit reimbursement requests. Furthermore, our detailed transactional reports help to streamline your business’ accounting and budgeting processes.

5) Enhanced Reporting and Analysis: When choosing fuel cards over credit cards, businesses can access detailed reports on their fleet’s fuel consumption, allowing for informed decision-making and fleet optimisation. Credit cards may offer basic transactional summaries, but they lack the comprehensive reporting features that our fuel cards offer.

6) Dedicated Customer Support: Here at InterFuels, we pride ourselves on our exceptional and professional customer service. Whether it is assistance with account setup, resolving billing enquiries or issues, or troubleshooting problems with fuel cards, your business can rely on our personalised support. In contrast, credit card companies do not offer specialised or tailored support for businesses’ fuel-related concerns. 

7) Acceptance and Accessibility: Our fuel cards are widely accepted at fuel forecourts across the nation, offering businesses convenient access to fuel wherever their operations take them. With nationwide coverage, we’ll ensure that you never have to travel far to refuel. You can use our e-route tool to look at fuel station locations, enabling you to plan your route effectively and efficiently.  While credit cards also boast nationwide acceptance, they don’t provide the same level of accessibility and tailored benefits for fuel purchases.

While both credit cards and fuel cards offer payment solutions for fleet expenses, fuel cards provide specialised features and benefits which are customised to businesses’ fleets. Fuel cards offer a range of advantages that make them a preferred choice for many companies. 

Looking to start saving on your business’ fuel expenditure? Submit an enquiry today. Unsure of which fuel card to opt for? Check out our Advice Hub article.


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