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Key Fuels

Available to use at over 3400+ sites across the UK, a KeyFuels card features excellent HGV coverage, weekly fixed prices and no annual fee. 

Why Key Fuels?

From Penzance to Wick, the KeyFuels network covers the length of the UK and is constantly expanding, making it a convenient choice for delivery vehicles of all sizes. With 3200 sites concentrated on motorways and major roads, fleets can refuel quickly and efficiently and stay on track. More than 1300 stations are open 24/7, and there are over 800 sites suitable for HGVs – these feature high canopies and fast-flowing pumps for ease of manoeuvring and to reduce downtime.

Key Fuels Fuel Card Locations

You can use your KeyFuels card at selected BP, Co-op, Esso, Gulf, Jet, Morrisons, Murco, Phillips, Shell, Tesco, Texaco, and Truckstop sites.

Other features you can expect:

  • Weekly fixed prices
  • Cheap wholesale Diesel
  • PIN protection (unmanned sites) and online authorisation

Prices for the following week are sent out by email or text every Friday and will remain fixed for that whole week. KeyFuels’ fixed prices are applicable across the whole UK network – except for a small surcharge for collections at Morrison and Tesco locations.

Nearly 100% of sites are protected by online authorisation and all cards are PIN protected so drivers can feel confident their data is protected from fraudulent activity while they refuel.

Apply for your KeyFuels card to save money on fuel and ensure your fleet’s drivers are always ready to go.

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