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Fast Fuel

With over 3700 sites in total – including all Texaco sites – a Fast Fuels card is a convenient choice, offering high-quality fuel and cheap wholesale pricing.

Why Fast Fuel?

Texaco has been providing drivers with fuel for over 100 years and is a firm favourite with fleets of all sizes. A Fast Fuel card gives you access to great fuel prices at all 750 Texaco sites along with an additional 3000 stations – including selected Applegreen, BP, Esso, Gulf, Co-op, Harvest, Jet, Morrisons, Murco, Shell, Tesco, and Total. This excellent coverage ensures drivers never need to divert from their journey to fill up. A large number of sites are open 24/7, for ultimate convenience.

Fast Fuel Card Locations

There are over 750 HGV-friendly sites, making a Fast Fuel card a great option for larger delivery vehicles. 

Key Fast Fuel features include:

  • Weekly fixed prices
  • Savings in line with market prices
  • Hundreds of HGV-friendly sites
  • PIN-protected cards (Texaco sites only)

Weekly fixed prices mean you can manage your fuel budget effectively – prices will be sent out on a Friday and remain fixed for the following week. 

Apply for your Fast Fuel card today and make the most of affordable fuel wherever you travel. 

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