Why You Need To Speak To A Fuel Card Expert

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Why You Need To Speak To A Fuel Card Expert

At InterFuels, we understand the importance and tedious nature of balancing your business’s progress and budget. From fleet management to administration duties, businesses have a lot to keep track of and it can be overwhelming, to say the least. Cue InterFuels.

Our team of experts are knowledgeable professionals who will guide you through the world of fuel cards, navigating you to the best deal(s) and solution(s) for your business with our expertise, industry insights, personalised recommendations, and sustained customer support.


Every business is different, and as such, every business has different needs, which is no different when it comes to fuel cards. Adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to fuel cards can backfire, as every business has unique fuelling and fleet requirements. From the size of your fleet to the vehicle types within your business and your drivers’ driving habits - there’s a lot to consider when applying for fuel cards. 

Speaking to one of our experts can help you understand different nuances while also guiding you through the process of selecting the right fuel card(s) for your fleet. Not only this, but our staff will ensure that you’re informed about the process every step of the way to avoid miscommunication and/ or misunderstanding.

Industry Insights

As we’re all aware, the fuel market keeps moving due to new pricing models, regulations, and more. Our fuel card team can help you stay up-to-date with these changes to avoid potential problems, whilst also ensuring that you’re reaping the benefits of your fuel card(s). This will allow your business to budget more effectively, as we’ll keep you informed of what’s happening every step of the way.

Personalised Recommendations

When looking for a fuel card that satisfies the requirements of your business, getting in touch with our team is a smart move. By getting in touch, our experts will get to know your business and its requirements and we will be able to recommend a solution from our array of fuel cards. No matter what you’re looking for, whether it's maximising cost savings or improving driver accountability, our friendly staff are more than happy to assist you. 

Sustained Support

However, our support surpasses the initial set-up stages. When you choose InterFuels as your fuel card provider, you’re choosing a hands-on service. Our staff will assist you with all of your queries, from account management to expense tracking, and more - we’ve got you covered. As mentioned, by taking the time to learn about your business’s needs, our team can work to provide you with tailored solutions, as well as ongoing and consistent support, ensuring that you’ll never be left in the dark. 

Partnering with InterFuels’ experts gives you a notable advantage; with their industry-specific knowledge, personalised support, and card recommendations, you’ll be well on the road to making significant savings on fuel! Don’t settle for less, just choose the best; submit an enquiry today and begin your savings journey!

Don’t believe us? See what some of our customers have to say;

“Lauren was really efficient, she made the sign-up quick and easy. She had good knowledge and would follow up with a customer call in a month or so to ensure things were going well. Excellent service - thanks Lauren.” - Sarah P

“Easy to set up company fuel cards, and super easy to manage the account. Invoices are sent routinely each week and fuel price updates are sent at the end of each week, too. The customers service team was very helpful.” - Kirsty H

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