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Business Fuel Cards

Business Fuel Cards

If you're looking for business fuel cards to trim your expenses and simplify your operations, InterFuels fuel cards are your perfect choice.

Our range of business fuel cards

Our range of business fuel cards offers unmatched flexibility and cost-effectiveness, tailored to meet your company's unique fueling needs.


You can use a KeyFuels card at more than 3,400 locations throughout the UK. It offers outstanding coverage for HGVs, fixed weekly prices, and comes without any yearly charges.

UK Fuels

Boasting a network of more than 3,500 locations throughout the UK, including supermarket forecourts, a UK Fuels card offers stable, competitive pricing set for the entire week.

Shell Fleet

The Shell Fleet card is your go-to solution for a fuel card that offers outstanding HGV and motorway coverage, consistent weekly fixed pricing, plus extra rewards and benefits.


The Esso National card spans the whole Esso network, including BP and Shell locations, offering great convenience. It also features PIN protection for better security, and drivers can enjoy the advantage of consistent weekly pricing.

Fuel Genie

Fuel Genie grants drivers access to competitive fuel prices at more than 1,300 supermarket locations. Benefit from extensive availability in urban areas and collect supermarket loyalty rewards.

Fast Fuels

Boasting access to more than 3,700 locations – encompassing all Texaco stations – the Fast Fuels card is a practical selection, providing top-notch fuel at competitive wholesale prices.

Why Interfuels for your business fuel cards?

Transparent Fixed Rate Pricing for Business Fuel Cards
With our business fuel cards, you enjoy transparent fixed-rate pricing that moves with market trends. This ensures your business fuel card costs are predictable and fair.

Extensive Network Options for Company Fuel Cards
Our range of company fuel cards offers an extensive network of brands, providing you with a wealth of choices for refuelling. Whether a petrol card for business or a diesel card for business, you have plenty of options at your fingertips.

Competitive Savings at the Pump with Business Fuel Cards
By partnering with top fuel brands, our business fuel cards ensure competitive savings at the pump. This helps your business achieve significant savings, making our fuel cards for companies a smart financial choice.

Straightforward Pricing with No Surprises for Your Business Fuel Card
We pride ourselves on straightforward pricing with no hidden charges for our company fuel cards. This transparency sets us apart from other providers and guarantees your satisfaction with our petrol and diesel cards for business.

Broad National Coverage with Our Fuel Cards for Companies
Our fuel cards for companies come with broad national coverage, featuring over 7,600 refuelling stations. This allows your drivers to adhere to their routes without unnecessary detours, making our petrol and diesel cards for business a convenient choice.

Efficient Online Account Management for Company Fuel Cards
Easily manage your company's fuel card accounts with our efficient online tool. Our user-friendly system puts you in full control of your company fuel card, streamlining your management process.

Compare business fuel cards: Fill your fleet for less

If you're on the hunt for affordable business fuel cards that deliver huge savings and better efficiency for your company, InterFuels is your go-to choice. We specialise in offering fuel cards for companies looking to trim their fuel expenses without compromising on quality.

InterFuels is a leading provider in the UK for company fuel cards, thanks to our transparent and competitive pricing.

We are proud to be one of the few providers offering fixed-rate pricing, so your fuel costs align closely with market trends while our profit margins stay constant. This approach means no unexpected fees or charges, guaranteeing cheap and predictable fuel costs for your business.

By choosing our petrol/diesel cards for business, you’re saving money and easing your administrative burden, especially when it comes to claiming back on tax.

Our straightforward pricing and detailed billing simplify tracking fuel expenses, making it easier for you to claim every eligible tax deduction.

Don’t wait to compare the best deals for your business fuel card needs.

Fill out our enquiry form today, and secure your InterFuels card bag substantial savings on your fuel costs.


Are fuel cards worth it for small businesses?
For small businesses, fuel cards are absolutely worth it. Every pound saved counts, and fuel cards are a fantastic way to manage and reduce fuel expenses. By using a business fuel card, small businesses can benefit from consistent and affordable fuel pricing. This can lead to significant cost savings, streamlined accounting for fuel expenditures, and the convenience of widespread fuel station access.

What is the best fuel card for businesses?
InterFuels fuel cards are the best choices for businesses seeking a blend of affordability and convenience. Our cards offer fixed-rate pricing, ensuring your fuel costs match market rates without hidden fees. This makes our fuel cards the go-to choice for businesses looking to keep their fuel expenses predictable and under control.

Is it worth having a company fuel card?
Having a company fuel card is almost always worth it, as it is a smart financial decision that helps manage and reduce fuel costs through competitive pricing. It also simplifies the process of reclaiming VAT, improves the efficiency of fuel expense tracking, and provides access to a network of fuel stations, making it a practical choice for any business.

Can my business get a fuel card?
Yes, your business can quickly get a fuel card. InterFuels offers a range of fuel cards designed for businesses of all sizes. Whether a small local business or a large enterprise, our fuel cards cater to your specific needs, ensuring you enjoy cheap and convenient fuel purchasing options.

Can I get a fuel card for my entire fleet?
InterFuels offers fuel cards for your entire fleet, no matter its size. Our fuel cards are designed to provide scalability and flexibility, so as your fleet grows, your fuel card solution grows with you, maintaining affordability and ease of use.

How much could my business save with a fuel card?
Your business can make significant savings with a fuel card. By leveraging fixed-rate pricing and tapping into our network of fuel stations, your business can enjoy lower and more predictable fuel costs. The exact savings will depend on your fleet's size and fuel usage. Still, many companies find that using a fuel card leads to significant annual savings compared to standard fuel purchasing methods.

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