Maximise Your Fleet’s Efficiency with InterFuels Fuel Cards

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Maximise Your Fleet’s Efficiency with InterFuels Fuel Cards

Are you looking to maximise your fleet’s efficiency but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, here at InterFuels, we’ve got exactly what you need!

Fuel cards offer many benefits to businesses that go beyond discounted fuel purchases. Whether you oversee a small business or manage the operations of a large fleet - with fuel cards you can:

  • Improve your fleet’s cost-effectiveness
  • Simplify your admin duties 
  • Manage your fuel card account online

So, how exactly do fuel cards maximise your fleet’s efficiency?

Fuel cards are cost-effective

InterFuels fleet fuel cards are cost-effective tools, offering significant discounts on fuel at your most frequently used refuelling forecourts, helping you save on each fuel purchase. 

Furthermore, our fuel cards allow you to set transactional and time limits on individual fuel cards, enabling you to take control of your fleet’s fuel expenditure, ultimately improving your fleet’s efficiency.    

Fuel cards simplify admin duties

Your discounted fuel rates (which will be emailed to you on a weekly basis) are automatically calculated and consolidated into a single HMRC-approved invoice. This removes the need to collect receipts from drivers, assisting managers in streamlining their admin duties. 

Not only this but fuel cards are a simpler alternative to credit cards, offering industry-specific discounts, expert advice, and bespoke account management and customer support. The simplicity of fuel cards therefore help to streamline fleet management tasks, consequently boosting efficiency.

Fuel cards increase fleet security

In today’s day and age, cybersecurity is paramount for the protection of your fleet. With advanced security measures, fuel cards can help to safeguard your business. From PIN-protected cards to fraud prevention, fuel cards help ensure the safety and security of your fleet, protecting it against potential risks and ensuring continued operations. 

Click here to learn more about the security features of fuel cards. Enhancing your fleet’s security measures will contribute to the overall efficiency and reliability of your fleet.

Manage your fuel card account online 

InterFuels online account management portal provides fleet managers with an array of tools to streamline their fuel expenditure and admin duties. Having a centralised and easily accessible dashboard allows fleet managers to gain a better overview of their drivers’ fuelling habits, fuel expenditure, and the most fuel-consuming driving routes. 

Not only this but our fuel cards online account management also helps support your business’s sustainability goals through reduced paperwork and fuel card limits. Subsequently, InterFuels online account management simplifies fleet management tasks, promoting fleet and administrative efficiency.

Monitor your fleet and access insightful reports 

With centralised and accessible expense reporting, fleet managers can monitor the behaviours of their fleet. This allows businesses to gain better insights into their fuelling habits, delving into their fleet’s expenditure patterns and enabling managers to identify areas for improvement and optimisation, thereby increasing fleet efficiency. 

InterFuels fuel cards offer a comprehensive solution for maximising your fleet’s efficiency by promoting cost-effectiveness, simplified administrative tasks, enhanced security measures, and more. By leveraging these advantages and benefits, businesses can make more informed decisions to improve efficiency, sustain success, and promote business growth.

Embrace efficiency with InterFuels fuel cards; submit an enquiry form today and unlock your fleet’s full potential. 


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