What Is A Fuel Card?

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What Is A Fuel Card?

Fuel cards offer a fantastic way to access fuel savings and stay in control of your fleet’s spend. But how do they work? 

How do fuel cards work?

You can think of a fuel card as another payment card – but one restricted to vehicle-related purchases. After drivers fill up their tank, they put their fuel card into the card machine instead of using a normal card or cash. 

Then each month, you receive a fully consolidated VAT invoice. Simple. And other than the ease and convenience of this payment method, there are plenty of benefits to switching to fuel cards. 

How much do fuel cards cost?

It’s rare for fuel cards to come with any subscription cost for the first year, and even after that, it’s very low. 

The overall cost will depend on the type of vehicles in your fleet and how many you have. So the best way to find out is by requesting a fuel card quote. All you have to do is tell us a little more about your fleet and usage, and we’ll get right back to you with an idea of the cost and how much you could save compared to typical pump price. 

Do you save money with a fuel card?

In short, yes! The main reason to use a fleet fuel card is to save on pump prices. By working closely with major fuel brands, fuel card providers can offer competitive prices. This means you’ll pay up to 3p less than the national average. 

Lock in Pump Prices with Fixed-Rate Fuel Cards

With a fuel card, you also benefit from fixed-rate pricing. This moves with the market no more than once a week, and your provider will inform you of the new rate whenever it changes. And you also save on pump prices. 

Price Checkers, Spend Caps, and More Efficient Fleet Management

But the savings you make with a fuel card go beyond the up-front costs. With an online price checker, you’re able to identify low-cost filling stations and encourage your drivers to make smarter purchasing decisions. And you can impose spend caps to better manage usage, while knowing the money is only going on motoring-related expenses. 

Uncover Deeper Savings and Loyalty Rewards with Your Fuel Card

Plus, you get access to a range of online management tools that give you greater understanding of fuel spend, improving your overall budget control.

Did you know that with fuel cards, you often get supermarket loyalty points and access to other reward programmes? If you’re already using one, be sure to check the benefits!

How to use your fuel cards

Using a fuel card isn’t that different to filling up normally. Just go to a fuel station covered by your fuel card network, fill up the vehicle with the amount of fuel you need, and then go to pay as usual. When prompted by the cashier, put your card into the reader and enter your unique PIN number. The cashier may also ask for your registration and mileage. 

Keep Rolling, No Rerouting: Your Fleet Fuel Card Grants Access to Nationwide Stations

While you do need to go to certain fuel stations, that doesn’t mean any deviation from usual routes. Our fuel cards give you access to up to 7,600 sites nationwide, with many cards covering multiple brands.

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