Guide to fuel cards: All You Need To Know

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Guide to fuel cards: All You Need To Know

Business fuel cards make refuelling and expense reporting stress-free. And any business can enjoy the benefits of fuel cards and make the most of their positive impacts. Here’s all you need to know about using fuel cards in the UK.

Business Fuel Cards

Fuel cards are as easy to use as debit and credit cards but are limited to paying for fuel and related expenses. In addition, your business can save money on fuel costs and help you streamline administration.

Each driver is assigned their own card with a unique PIN. The difference is that each time they use their fuel card, the spend is recorded on your business fuel account. You’ll then be billed monthly, making it easier to control your fuel budget.

What are the benefits of having a fuel card?

Whether you have one company van or a fleet of vehicles, fuel cards have multiple benefits for your business.

Save on fuel costs

Fuel price fluctuations are a fact of life. But fuel cards guarantee a fixed price per litre, saving you money and easing pressure on your cash flow with controllable monthly bills.

Streamline fleet management

Streamlined management is another critical benefit of business fuel cards. Access to real-time driver behaviour data can help you improve fleet efficiency and make significant cost savings.

Look for online management tools that provide actionable insights, giving you complete control over your fuel spend.

HMRC-approved invoices

When choosing business fuel cards, look for cards that provide an HMRC-approved invoice once a month. Fuel cards simplify VAT reclaim management across your fleet by eliminating pay and reclaim and the need for paper receipts. 

Convenience and security

Business fuel cards offer convenience and security for drivers. Using a filling station finder app helps plan cost-effective routes and avoids long refuelling detours. In turn, this maximises efficiency and drives down costs.

Drivers can often be a target for opportunist thieves. But business fuel cards eliminate the need to carry cash and are PIN protected for extra security. And should a card be lost or stolen, you can cancel them at the touch of a button. 

Flexible refuelling

Depending on your choice of fuel card, your fleet can refill at branded forecourts and supermarket filling stations. So you can take advantage of loyalty and reward schemes while accessing extensive networks.

In addition, most business fuel cards are non-contractual, so you can add or remove cards to suit your needs.

How do I choose which fuel card is best for me?

There are four critical questions you should consider when choosing your business fuel cards:

Where can I refuel?

It’s essential you choose a card that works for your business. Our fuel card comparison will help you pinpoint networks that work around your regular routes and give you the flexibility your drivers need to find a forecourt in a hurry.

How much does it cost?

When comparing business fuel cards, you need transparent pricing so you won’t get hit with hidden charges. At Interfuels, we’re clear on pricing and don’t charge hidden fees. So you get the best deals and make great savings on your monthly fuel budget. Go online to get a fuel card quote.

How can I manage my card?

Your business needs the flexibility to give each driver a PIN-protected card while managing driver spend and making cost efficiencies. Our online management tool gives you clear oversight with actionable data to take control of your fuel costs.

What are the benefits?

Your fuel card should offer benefits including:

  • Fixed-rate pricing with pump price savings
  • Multi-brand networks for flexibility and convenience
  • Transparent pricing with no hidden fees
  • National coverage
  • Online management tools

Choosing the right card can be a challenge. But if Interfuels is the right fuel card provider for your business, apply online for your quick fuel card quote today. 

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