What can I buy on a fuel card?

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What can I buy on a fuel card?

Business fuel cards in the UK are an easy way to manage your fuel spend. They’re a cost-effective solution that saves time and money. But they also come with manageable purchase restriction options so that you can make fuel card savings on other motoring-related items. 

What else can I buy with a fuel card?

Fuel cards are mainly used to make the most of fuel discounts. You can fill up at any forecourt in the network and pay with your PIN-protected card. It’s fast, convenient and secure, and drivers don’t need to keep paper receipts or carry cash.

In addition, you can choose a card that lets your employees make additional purchases, including:

  • Motorway tolls
  • Lubricants and oil
  • AdBlue
  • Car wash

Fuel cards save your drivers time and hassle when they’re on the road. And they save your business time and money by simplifying expense claims and VAT reclaim procedures.

Where can I use my fuel card?

Before you commit, it’s a good idea to compare fuel cards so you can select the right network for your budget, fleet size and business needs. Most fuel cards in the UK offer location finders, so you can check whether their locations meet your requirements. They’re also handy for drivers to plan routes and refill with minimum hassle.

So, where you use your fuel card depends on the filling stations it covers. For example, you could reduce fuel card costs by opting for a supermarket network. This type of card is a good fit for businesses with lower business mileage or who want a low-cost solution. You’ll benefit from discounted supermarket fuel and collect rewards and loyalty points.

For bigger fleets, branded fuel forecourts offer significant fuel card savings for larger vehicles. In addition, your fleet can take advantage of tailored services like specialist fuels and filling points for HGVs.

Do you need to keep fuel receipts?

Another benefit of fuel cards is that drivers no longer need to keep paper receipts. Instead, you’ll receive an itemised HMRC-compliant invoice monthly that makes reclaiming VAT and sorting out expenses a breeze.

In addition, you’ll have secure storage of your receipts through our online management tools. So you won’t run foul of your legal obligation to store VAT receipts for three years, dating from the end of the tax year they were generated.

Learn more about fuel card taxes.

Do fuel cards have limits?

You can issue an unlimited number of fuel cards with the peace of mind of knowing that they’re a safe and secure way to handle refuelling payments.

But fuel cards are also one of the best ways to manage your cash flow and keep your budget in check. For example, you can agree on an account limit for your monthly fuel use and then set individual limits on each card. You can also keep control over how each card is used.

If you want greater control over your fuel card savings, our online management tools make it straightforward to drill down into areas where your business can make cost efficiencies. For example, you could plan more fuel-efficient routes or identify hefty fuel consumption.

Can I use my fuel card to pay at the pump?

Pay at pump terminals are a great way to get your drivers back out on the road faster. And chip and PIN cards are generally a more convenient way to allow your employees to pay when refuelling.

However, some fuel cards require drivers to swipe and sign for their purchases. So it’s worth checking which type of card you’re being offered if pay at pump is an essential service for your fleet.

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