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Fleet Fuel Cards

Fleet Fuel Cards

If you manage a fleet and are looking for effective ways to reduce overheads and simplify your operations, InterFuels fuel cards are the perfect choice. Our cards are specifically tailored to meet the needs of fleet managers, offering significant savings on fuel costs and easing the burden of operational management.

Our range of fleet fuel cards

Our fuel cards are tailored for commercial fleets, providing efficient and cost-effective fueling solutions for your business needs.


Ideal for fleet operations, the KeyFuels card grants access to over 3,400 UK locations. It offers weekly fixed prices for HGVs and no annual fees, making it easier to manage fuel costs across your fleet.

UK Fuels

Designed to support fleets, our UK Fuels card covers over 3,500 locations nationwide, including supermarket forecourts. It offers stable, competitive weekly pricing, ensuring great value for your entire fleet whenever they refuel.

Shell Fleet

The Shell Fleet fuel card is a comprehensive solution for fleet fuel expenses. It provides extensive HGV and motorway coverage, consistent weekly fixed pricing for predictable budgeting, and additional rewards and benefits to meet the diverse needs of fleet operations.


The Esso National card is suitable for fleets, providing access to the Esso network, including BP and Shell stations, for flexible refuelling options. It features PIN protection for secure transactions and steady weekly pricing, aiding in efficient fuel budget management for fleets.

Fuel Genie

A fuel card tailored for fleets like yours, offering access to great fuel rates at over 1,300 supermarket fuel stations. Enjoy access to city centres and the added perk of gathering supermarket loyalty points.

Fast Fuels

The Fast Fuels card is ideal for fleets, with access to over 3,700 sites, including every Texaco station. This card guarantees high-quality fuel at competitive wholesale rates, perfect for keeping your fleet running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Why Interfuels for your fleet fuel cards?

Transparent, fixed-rate pricing for fleet fuel cards

Our fuel cards for fleets offer clear, fixed-rate pricing that adjusts with the market. This means you can budget better, knowing your fuel costs are stable and reasonable.

Extensive network options for fleet fuel cards

Our selection of fuel cards is ideal for fleets, offering access to many refuelling spots. Whether you're looking for a petrol or diesel card, our range caters to your needs, so you always have convenient and cost-effective refuelling options wherever your business takes you.

Competitive savings at the pump with self-employed fuel cards

For fleets, our fuel cards offer the same major competitive savings at the pump as they do for anyone else. By teaming up with leading fuel brands, we guarantee the best deals, helping you manage your expenses more effectively.

Streamlined Pricing for Fleet Fuel Cards

At InterFuels, we recognise the specific demands of managing commercial fleets. Our fuel cards offer transparent and straightforward pricing, so your fleet operation is free from unforeseen costs.

Extensive UK Coverage for Commercial Fleet Fuel Cards

InterFuels fuel cards provide extensive UK coverage, with access to over 7,600 refuelling stations. This extensive network supports efficient route planning for your fleet, guaranteeing convenient and accessible refuelling options for petrol and diesel vehicles and streamlined fleet management.

Efficient online account management for commercial fleet fuel cards

Easily manage your fleet's fuel card accounts with our straightforward online tool tailored for commercial fleets. Our user-friendly system provides full control over your fleet's fuel cards, simplifying the administration of fuel expenses and saving valuable time for your business.

Compare Fleet Fuel Cards: Fuel Your Fleet for Less with InterFuels

If you're managing a commercial fleet and looking to cut down on fuel costs without compromising on quality, InterFuels is your go-to solution.

Our fuel cards are designed to meet the diverse needs of fleet managers, offering big savings on your fleet’s fuel expenses. This lets you streamline your fleet's fuel spending and devote more energy to expanding your business operations.

Controlling expenses is vital for fleet management, and fuel costs are often a major part of this. That's where our fixed-rate pricing comes in. With it, your fleet's fuel expenses align with market prices, ensuring no surprise fees. This provides more predictable and manageable fuel costs for your fleet. This is also incredibly helpful when it comes to accounting and tax preparation.

Our straightforward pricing and detailed billing ensure a complete record of your fleet's fuel expenses. This meticulous record-keeping is essential in claiming all eligible tax deductions so your fleet doesn't miss out on potential financial advantages.

For fleet managers, the right fuel card that aligns with your fleet's specific requirements can change the game.

Discover the best options for your fleet's needs. Fill out our enquiry form today to quickly get your InterFuels card and enjoy significant savings on your fleet's fuel costs sooner.


Are fuel cards worth it for large company fleets?
Yes, fuel cards are definitely worth it for large company fleets. They offer volume discounts on fuel, streamline fuel expense management, and provide detailed reporting, which can lead to significant cost savings and operational efficiencies.

What is the best fuel card for multiple vehicles?
The best fuel card for multiple vehicles is one that offers widespread acceptance, flexible fuel pricing options, and comprehensive management features. InterFuels fuel cards are ideal for multi-vehicle fleets, offering these benefits along with additional savings and convenience.

How much could my business save with a fleet fuel card?
The savings with a fleet fuel card can vary based on your fleet's size and fuel consumption. However, businesses typically see significant savings through discounted fuel prices, reduced administrative costs, and efficient tracking of fuel expenses. Customers using InterFuels cards often report noticeable reductions in their overall fuel spending.

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