Self-Employed Fuel Cards

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Self-Employed Fuel Cards

Self-Employed Fuel Cards

If you're self-employed and seeking ways to cut costs and streamline your work, InterFuels fuel cards are an ideal solution. They're designed to reduce fuel expenses and make managing your operations easier.

Our range of self-employed fuel cards

Our fuel cards are perfect for self-employed professionals, offering adaptable and affordable solutions to meet your fueling requirements.


As a self-employed individual, the KeyFuels card offers you access to over 3,400 UK locations, weekly fixed prices for HGVs, and no annual fees, simplifying your travel and budgeting.

UK Fuels

With over 3,500 locations across the UK, including convenient supermarket forecourts, our UK Fuels card is perfect for self-employed people. It provides stable, competitive weekly pricing, giving you great value every time you fill up.

Shell Fleet

For self-employed professionals, the Shell Fleet fuel card offers a reliable, cost-effective solution for fuel expenses. Enjoy extensive HGV and motorway coverage, steady weekly fixed pricing for predictable budgeting, and extra rewards and benefits designed for the unique demands of the self-employed.


The Esso National card is ideal for self-employed individuals, offering access to the entire Esso network along with BP and Shell stations for convenient refuelling. It features PIN protection for secure transactions and steady weekly pricing to simplify fuel budget management.

Fuel Genie

A fuel card tailored for self-employed professionals, offering access to attractive fuel rates at over 1,300 supermarket fuel stations. Enjoy widespread access to city centres and the added perk of accumulating supermarket loyalty points.

Fast Fuels

The Fast Fuels card is an excellent choice for self-employed professionals, with access to over 3,700 sites, including every Texaco station. This card ensures you get high-quality fuel at competitive wholesale rates, perfect for keeping your business running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Why Interfuels for your self-employed fuel cards?

Transparent, fixed-rate pricing for self-employed fuel cards. Our fuel cards for the self-employed offer clear, fixed-rate pricing that adjusts with the market. This means you can budget more effectively, knowing your fuel costs are stable and reasonable.

Extensive network options for self-employed fuel cards. Our selection of fuel cards is ideal for self-employed individuals, offering access to a wide array of refuelling locations. Whether you're looking for a petrol or diesel card, our range caters to your needs, ensuring you always have convenient and cost-effective refuelling options wherever your business takes you.

Competitive savings at the pump with self-employed fuel cards. For self-employed professionals, our fuel cards offer the same significant competitive savings at the pump as they do for larger companies. By teaming up with leading fuel brands, we ensure you get the best deals, helping you manage your expenses more effectively.

Straightforward pricing with no surprises for your self-employed fuel card. We understand the unique needs of self-employed individuals. Our fuel cards come with clear and straightforward pricing, so you face no unexpected charges.

Broad national coverage with our fuel cards for self-employed professionals. Our company fuel cards have broad national coverage, featuring over 7,600 refuelling stations. This allows drivers to adhere to their routes without unnecessary detours, making our petrol and diesel cards for business a convenient choice.

Efficient online account management for company fuel cards. Effortlessly handle your fuel card account with our simple online tool, designed with the self-employed in mind. Our intuitive system gives you complete control over your fuel card, making the management of your fuel expenses straightforward and time-efficient.

Compare self-employed fuel cards: Fill your fleet for less

If you're a self-employed professional seeking ways to reduce fuel costs without sacrificing quality, InterFuels is your ideal solution. Our fuel cards are tailored to support the unique needs of self-employed individuals, helping you save significantly on fuel expenses, streamlining your spending, and allowing you to focus more on growing your business.

Managing expenses is essential for self-employed professionals, and fuel costs are a significant part of this puzzle. That's why our fixed-rate pricing is ideal. With this, your fuel expenses will reflect market prices so that you won't face any unexpected fees and can enjoy more predictable and affordable fuel costs for your work.

The range of fuel cards on offer, whether you prefer petrol or diesel, are tailored to save you money and reduce the hassle of paperwork. This is particularly beneficial when it's time to claim tax deductions.

Our clear pricing and itemised billing make it easier for you to keep track of your fuel expenses. This detailed record-keeping is key in helping you claim all eligible tax deductions so you don't miss out on any financial benefits.

Being self-employed, the right fuel card that meets your specific needs is essential. Take your time exploring the best options for your work. Complete our enquiry form today to quickly get your InterFuels card and start enjoying significant savings on your fuel expenses.


Are fuel cards worth it for sole traders?

Fuel cards are worth it for sole traders, as they offer several benefits such as:

  • Lower fuel prices
  • Simplified accounting with itemised billing
  • Reduced paperwork
  • Accurate expense records
  • Cash flow management with credit periods
  • Additional perks like partner discounts

Overall, fuel cards are a practical tool for financial management and cost-efficiency in your business.

Is it worth having a fuel card if I am self-employed?

Having a fuel card is worth it for self-employed individuals. It offers cost savings through fixed-rate pricing, making fuel expenses predictable and easier to manage. It simplifies tax and expense tracking with detailed billing, saving time in accounting tasks. Additionally, it improves cash flow management and provides access to a vast network of fuel stations. In short, a fuel card is a convenient, smart financial tool for those who rely on vehicles for their business.

How much could I save with a fuel card?

Your savings with a fuel card depends on your fleet size, fuel usage frequency, and vehicle types. Our fixed-rate pricing offers consistent, competitive rates, often lower than standard pump prices, leading to substantial savings on fuel costs. Additionally, our efficient billing system simplifies expense tracking and tax deduction claims, saving you time and administrative costs.

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