The UK’s Best Fuel Cards 2023

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The UK’s Best Fuel Cards 2023

The UK’s best fuel cards 2023 

With petrol and diesel costs soaring, using a fuel card just makes sense. However large or small your business is, we can help you find the best fuel cards for your fleet. But with so many different options to choose from, how do you find the best business fuel cards in the UK in 2023?

Why should I use a UK fuel card?

A fuel card is a flexible and versatile way to control your fuel spend. And the best fuel cards in the UK give you access to multi-branded networks with thousands of filling points.

The benefits for businesses are obvious; you can cut costs as fuel cards allow you to save money on fuel compared to the national average pump price. In addition, you can exercise total control over how each card is used with features like PIN protection and spending limits.

Plus, fuel cards can save you time and are hassle-free. For example, HMRC-approved invoicing eliminates the need to chase receipts or spend time calculating expenses. What’s more, most fuel cards let you manage your spend online, so you have complete oversight of your fleet expenses.

Why not get a quote today to discover how much you could save? With the Interfuels quick fuel card quote tool, you can determine the best business fuel cards to meet your needs.

How do I choose a fuel card? 

While fuel cards generally offer convenience and savings, there are several factors that can impact exactly which card is best for your organisation.


  • Firstly, fleet size and type. Ultimately, the more extensive your fleet, the greater the network coverage you will need. Will you need HGV filling points? These aspects will affect which fuel card is best for you.
  • Secondly, routes and coverage. Are your commonly driven routes close to supermarket forecourts? Or do your drivers travel frequently on rural roads? If you often use A roads. motorways and fill up at motorway services, it’s best to choose a card with excellent motorway coverage.
  • Fuel type is another important consideration. Most fuel cards let you fill up with your fuel of choice, including standard and premium petrol and diesel. However, some cards are more suited to a particular type of fuel.

What is the most widely accepted fuel card in the UK? 

In general, fuel cards from major fuel retailers offer the most extensive networks. For example, the Esso National card covers all Esso, BP and Shell sites, whereas the Shell Fleet card lets you fuel at a staggering 3,800 following points with plenty of HGV-friendly options. 

However, depending on your business requirements, there are independent options that may be a better fit for your fleet. If you are struggling to choose a card, our team of friendly fuel experts are always on hand to help you find the best fit for your fleet.

The best UK fuel cards

Still unsure where to start? Here’s our pick of the best priced fuel cards currently available with InterFuels.

Key Fuels 

The Key Fuels network is constantly expanding, with over 3,000 filling sites concentrated over major routes the length of the country. So, a Key Fuels card is an excellent choice if you need motorway filling options. Furthermore, with no annual fee, weekly fixed prices and discount diesel, it's a great choice for a larger mixed fleet. Additionally, cards can be PIN protected for additional security. 

UK Fuels 

Did you know that there are over 3500 UK Fuels sites across the UK? This multi-branded network also includes 850 HGV sites on or near motorways and A roads. In addition, fixed-price fuel makes budgeting a breeze, while PIN-protected cards with online authorisation minimise fraud. Not only this but UK Fuels is also known for having excellent customer service


The Esso National card is a great choice for fleets that need a reliable network of Esso, BP and Shell filling stations open 24/7. With 1100 HGV-friendly sites, this is an excellent choice for a sizeable diesel-based fleet. You can enjoy discounted prices and PIN-protected cards for peace of mind.

Shell Fleet

For a fuel card with excellent HGV and motorway coverage, weekly fixed prices, and additional rewards and benefits, look no further than the Shell Fleet card.

Fuel Genie

Fuel Genie is an ideal choice for drivers who need the flexibility to fill up at supermarket sites. With 1300 highly convenient sites to choose from and no hidden fees, this is one of the best priced fuel cards available, especially for small businesses.

Fast Fuel 

The Fast Fuel card offers over 3700 sites, including Texaco, Esso, BP, Morrisons and Co-op. The combination of excellent coverage with 24/7 filling points, fuel savings and PIN-protected cards for all Texaco sites makes this one of the best UK fuel cards for convenience.

Find the best fuel cards in the UK with Interfuels

Are you looking for the best fuel cards in the UK? Contact Interfuels, and we can help you get the ideal card for your fleet’s needs, no matter what industry you’re in. Get a free online quote today.

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